Remote SQLite access

The problem:

I want to use SQLite as a file system format for my configuration setting and log management on my IoT devices I tend to use small embedded Linux units that run headless. Accessing SQLite you have to be local to the db file so this makes it hard to do db maintenance on my devices. The choices I have for access are:

  • Use a network file share to make the db available.
  • Install PHP and use use phpLiteAdmin
  • Remote login with ssh and use the SQLite shell
  • Roll my own web service to do the job.

What would be handy is an API to the database that any app could consume. That way I can automate management apps to tend to my devices SQLite storage. This can allow remote configuration, log caching , etc that can center on the SQLite file as a database. Since I am using Python for device side hardware interfacing chores it seemed natural to do something with it. There are several Python web frame works that could help here and I chose to use Flask. Client side will be a HTML 5 app served by the API.

The repo for the app is at – MIT license. This tool is intended for development use and light duty maintenance. The most common thing I do is trouble shoot messaging issues and pruning tables. For more intensive usage I’m thinking phpLiteAdmin would be a better choice, but you would have to install PHP and a webserver.

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