m2ag.labs webthing framework alpha2

The m2ag.labs webthing framework now has enough example functionality to enable a demo. A new Raspberry PI can be setup as web thing with no coding (not much coding) required.

The alpha expects self signed certificates in .m2ag-labs/ssl. The installer currently only will install the system to use ssl. If you need to learn how to create self signed certificates checkout this post –> https://m2aglabs.com/2020/03/13/securing-local-iot-devices/ .

Start the install with:

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m2ag-labs/m2ag-iot-installer/master/install.sh)”

Installer ends with enabling services. The rest-api is running.
Browsing to the device home page shows the thing is not running.
Use the helper to add and remove modules
Components are the hardware implementation. Device drivers are installed when possible.
Things are the webthing implementation A thing will be associated with a component.
With things and components available a component map is created.
Add things and associated component.
When the map is complete start the thing
The thing is configured and running.
Add to the Mozilla webthings gateway like any other web thing

Configurations can be modified with ease. The things git hub repo will contain predefined things and components that can used. Custom modules can be created by following a simple pattern. Alpha 2 will only support making properties available. Future releases will address events and actions.

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